Total jackpot

58376.99 RUB

How to win a ya888ya Online casino jackpot

We never stand aside when it comes to big wins, and of course we are ready to provide you with another opportunity to hit a real jackpot in the casino.
That is why, we present to your attention three progressive jackpots that you can win just by playing your favorite slot machines.
HOTEL Jackpot - the smallest jackpot, which drops out more often than others. The chance of winning this particular jackpot is the highest, but the amount is also low. These funds will be enough to relax in the bar or to please yourself with some small purchase.

REVOLVER Jackpot - average jackpot, which drops out less often than the previous one. This jackpot will be enough to afford some long-awaited purchase.

The WESTERN Jackpot is the most impressive of all our jackpots, it drops out the least often, but thanks to this win you will be able to afford what you have long dreamed of, such as a new phone, TV or upgrade your PC.

Jackpots terms and conditions

The Progressive Jackpot is a prize pool that is accumulated as a percentage of each winning bet (spin) when playing slot machines at our online casino. You can get the jackpot only after a winning spin. We, in turn, do not know to whom and when the jackpot will fall out, the only thing we know for sure, and we can tell this is the corridors within which they can fall out:

Hotel Jackpot - from 55 USD to 95 USD or the equivalent in the player's currency;

Revolver Jackpot - from 175 USD to 215 USD or equivalent in the player's currency;

Western Jackpot - from 350 USD to 500 USD or equivalent in player's currency

Do not forget that there are certain rules when drawing jackpots, which were created in order to fairly distribute the chances of winning among all players playing at different rates. Agree, you would be offended if you played at the maximum rates, and at this moment, someone playing for 1 kopeck breaks the golden jackpot.

We wish you good luck chasing the biggest jackpot!

For our part, we guarantee that in case of victory, you will receive these funds.